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  • W-2: If you work for an employer
  • 1099-NEC: You can expect to receive this 1099 form if you work as a freelancer or if you did contract work in 2021.
  • 1099-K: Some freelancers and gig workers for companies like Uber, Lyft or Airbnb should look out for this form. 1099-Ks report income that passes through third-party networks, such as PayPal or debit cards or credit card processors.
  • Other 1099 forms: If you earned interest from savings or investments, you may receive a 1099-INT form. You could also receive a 1099-DIV, which reports dividends and distributions from investments.
  • 1098: Those who own a home and pay mortgage interest will receive Form 1098 from their mortgage lender.
  • 1098-E: This is a form that records tax-deductible student loan interest payments over $600.
  • 1098-T: The 1098-T can be used to help you calculate and claim educational tax credits and deductions. It reports tuition costs and related education expenses that you may have paid last year.
  • Social Security numbers for family members: If you had a baby in 2021, make sure you have a Social Security number to claim child tax credits.
  • Contribution information: Remember to collect documentation on retirement plan contributions that are tax-deductible. If you contributed to a 529 plan in 2021 and your state offers a tax benefit, you’ll want to keep that information on hand for your state, but not federal, taxes
  • Charitable donations

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